Acceptability of LLTTF books to older adults (Age UK, Yorkshire)

Project: The ‘Depression in later life’ project ran throughout Yorkshire and Humber to improve the help and support that older people receive if they are suffering from Depression.

Target group: The Living Life to the Full booklets for adults were ‘road tested’ by Age UK and the Yorkshire and Humber Improvement partnership, who met with three groups of ‘older people’ to gather their feedback on the little booklets.

Settings: Recruiting via Age UK in Yorkshire

Intervention: LLTTF booklets were read and feedback gained in qualitative interviews.

Outcomes: The booklets were positively received by most of the older people and the books encouraged discussion about mental health within the groups. The booklets were shown to be useful for older people, especially if they were discussed in friendly and supportive groups. The participants also fed back that the lack of psychological/psychiatric language makes it more likely that people will be able to discuss problems without feeling stigmatised.

What else? The Living Life to the Full little booklets can be used with older adults. An ‘Older Adult’ version of the LLTTF classes is now available.

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