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onlineWe have a wide range of online mental and physical well-being resources including online courses, digital books, video, worksheets and more – all based on the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach. Written by an expert and supported by research and implementation experience, the course offers sophisticated delivery that incorporates cutting edge technology- yet is designed to work on health and home computer systems and hand-held devices – something rarely offered by other cCBT providers.

Key features:

We offer services the option of them having their own dedicated website with their choice of courses and features. Example of content:


  • The Living Life course, as well as other key courses such as Reclaim Your Life for long term health conditions and Enjoy Your Baby for new mums or those with symptoms of postnatal depression.
  • Living Life to the Full for Diabetes (content personalized to be relevant to people with types 1 and 2 diabetes), and Fix Your Drinking (an alcohol brief intervention aimed at people with hazardous and harmful drinking).
  • The IAPT minimum data set questionnaires for clientsccbtcan be integrated as required (including reporting options).
  • Practitioner area to monitor client progress and measurement scores
  • Suicide pop up advice for clients and suicide alert options for practitioners. These can be personalised to reflect the local services available.
  • A blended learning approach with audio, video and worksheets to help people put what they’ve learnt into practice.
  • Weekly automated email support makes use in Steps 1- 3 possible.
  • Online digital books with the option to add notes to summarise learning.
  • Branding for services e.g. your team logo, website address and local urgent help information.
  • Responsive design: Designed for smartphones, tablets, laptops as well as desktop machines – using Windows or Apple. This is rarely available through other cCBT providers.
  • We are committed to exceptional support and quality assurance. Optional training and follow up from the Five Areas team on how to use the website, introduce and support clients in its use is available as an additional option.

Already using a computerised CBT program in your service?

Our confidence in our approach means that we now offer services who already have an existing licensed cCBT program a free three month trial so they can compare the clinical outcomes. You will also receive coaching from one of our Five Areas clinicians as to how best implement and use the program with clients.

Interested? Email to discuss further.

Further information: To review our cCBT evidence please visit our evidence base page.

Private Practitioner or Sole Trader?
We have a range of user friendly CBT evidence based tools that are designed to help private practitioners coach and support individuals of all ages in an engaging and effective way.

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