Living Life to the Full with older adults (Young Foundation: London)

Project: The Local Wellbeing Project, was an initiative launched in 2006 which aimed to test practical ways of improving individual and community wellbeing and resilience.

Target group: People aged 65 and over experiencing mild anxiety, depression or social isolation

Setting: Community-based recruitment in Hertfordshire, Manchester and South Tyneside.

Intervention: Two models were tested: eight weeks of group sessions facilitated by two trained volunteers and one-to-one telephone support using the 9 little LLTTF booklets

Support offered:

a). class-based local volunteers of the same age range delivered/supported the course. The aim of the peer support service was to create a ‘win-win; situation in which the wellbeing and emotional resilience of both the clients and the trained volunteers increased through using or delivering the service and becoming more active in the community.

b). One to one telephone support – 30 minute support contacts.

Outcomes: 50% said ‘quite useful’ other 50% said ‘very useful’. Stated ‘very easy’ to use on own outside of sessions.

What else? The classes have continued to be run by the Young Foundation in other settings- e.g. Lambeth in London.

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