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It covers a range of worksheets that can be used to help people enhance their own wellbeing.




Why do I feel as I do?

The cards life deals you – Step by step analysis of what changes when we feel worse.
Vicious Circle – Work out how events, thoughts, feelings, physical feelings and activity affect each other.
Vicious cycle (Interactive) – Starting out using the vicious cycle- this interactive sheet helps identify what goes in the different areas.

Making Effective Plans

Planner sheet – Making clear plans.
Review Sheet – Reviewing what happened, so your client can Plan, Do and Review.

Mood Ratings

Smiley faces mood rating – Review the impact of activities as well as keep an eye on their progress.

Improving Mood (Behavioural Activation)

My Happy list – What activities improve mood (pleasure, achievement, closeness).
I can’t be bothered ticklist – Identifies activities that have been cut down/lost. Can they be reintroduced to improve life?
My Activity Planner – Build helpful activities across the day and week.
10 Things You Can Do to feel happier straight away – Some more ideas of activities that can help.
Vicious cycle of reduced activity  – The worse we feel, the less we do, and the less we do the worse we feel – discover what needs to change

The Things we do That Mess us Up (Unhelpful Behaviours)

The things we do that mess us up traffic light sheet -Move away from red (danger) activities towards amber and green (helpful) activities.


1.2.3.Breathe – What pushes buttons and gets us annoyed. List ways of responding more helpfully.

Problem Solving

Easy 4 step plan – Tackle external problems using a step by step approach.

Changing Unhelpful and Upsetting Thinking

My Unhelpful Thoughts worksheet – Pick a time when you feel bad- then ask “what’s going through my mind?”
Unhelpful Thinking Styles Spotter – Label the type of bad thought- and spot thinking habits that recur.
Amazing Unhelpful Thought Busting Programme – Relate differently to upsetting thinking.

Facing Fears / Anxiety

Face It Planning Sheet – Facing avoided activities in a planned step by step way.
Overcoming Avoidance (traffic light) – Help plan steps to face avoidance, and build confidence step by step.

Tension Control Training

Tension Control Training practitioner script – Teaches key skills to enhance relaxation (mental and physical).


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