Overcoming Anorexia (London)

An Off-Line Pilot Evaluation of a Wed-Based Systemic Cognitive-Behavioural Intervention for Carers of People with Anorexia Nervosa

Project: To test the efficacy of the content of www.overcominganorexiaonline.com an online cognitive behavioural therapy intervention for carers of people with anorexia. The intervention provides information and skills for carers when managing the illness.

Target group: Twenty-seven carers of people with anorexia (a relative, partner or friend) were recruited across the UK from clinical departments, a volunteer database and through advertisement.

Settings: Once recruited all participants were given the intervention to use the content at home in their own time.

Intervention: The intervention comprised of the use of nine interactive workbooks for carers of those with anorexia at any age and illness stage, with clinician support. They were encouraged to complete one workbook a week and to use clinician support. Outcome measured pre and post-intervention reported carer distress, experience of care-giving, level of expressed emotion and problem solving.

Support offered: All participants were offered support from a CBT practitioner with eating disorder experience, of up to 20 minutes per week whilst they completed the workbooks. Carers choose between telephone or email support.

Outcomes: There was significant reducing in carer anxiety and depression, negative experiences of caregiving and expressed emotion. The study also found an increase in positive care giving and that most improvements were maintained at follow up.


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Further information: Overcoming anorexia online (www.overcominganorexiaonline.com) content is created by Five Areas, and is available under licence from Media Innovations Ltd- a separate company. Please approach Media Innovations for information about access.

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