Reclaim Your Life

Cancer, Disability, Chronic pain, ME, Fatigue, Recurring Illness, Unexplained Symptoms, Stroke, Depression, MS, Sight Impairment, Poor Mobility


Your life is more important than your illness

With long term health conditions and low mood/anxiety coming hand in hand, this course can help those affected learn that their life is more important than their illness.

It’s all about understanding one truth: you are bigger than your problems. Which means they needn’t stop you doing things, experiencing things, loving, laughing, tasting and living life. What you do is make changes to the way you think and act, creating a new relationship between your illness and yourself that separates who you are from what you’ve got.

We can visit your team at your chosen location to teach you how to deliver this thought provoking course with your clients. With the help of a little book and supportive guidance at each session, participants learn how to improve their feelings when they feel ground down, frustrated or hopeless and will learn skills that help them tackle problems in their lives. They will also meet others and have a lot of fun!

In six, fun, friendly sessions, attendees cover:reclaim3

Session 1: Reclaim your life
Session 2: Making positive changes
Session 3: Relating differently to your symptoms
Session 4: Tackling common problems
Session 5: Looking at things differently
Session 6: Planning for the future

Please contact us at to book a local practitioner training course. We also offer training workshops on a regular basis, visit for details.

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