LLTTF in a Secondary school (Scotland)

Project: Life skills training in a secondary school with questionnaire assessment of outcomes

Target group: School children in regular secondary school education in Glasgow.

Settings: Knightswood school (Glasgow), with routine PSE classes being replaced by classes based on the Living Life to the Full book series.

Intervention: Teachers were trained in how to deliver the LLTTF little books and delivered one topic/booklet in a single lesson. Pupils and teachers were asked to evaluate the book and the class.

Support offered: A single training session and provision of lesson plans for teachers

Outcomes: Within this study 280 second year school pupil received two life skills lessons from the LLTTF adapted course. Overall lessons and booklets were well received by pupils and teachers, with the majority of pupils reporting that they had learnt something worthwhile and developed new life skills. The study concluded that an ‘affordable’ and widely applicable evidence-based approach is needed to target mental health in young people, with the adapted Living Life to the Full series meeting the need to fill this gap.

What else? The Living Life to the Full course has been adapted for those of school age.

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