We have adapted our popular LLTTF Classes for Younger People aged 5-9yrs, 10-14yrs & 15-18yrs

The adapted course aims to be:

  • Engaging
  • Story-based – you tell the story, they learn
  • Build on how you think and work with young people
  • Gives you resources to teach- with attractive support materials
  • Includes everyday situations faced by young people at home and school
  • Use the engaging characters to focus attention
  • Posters and Feelings cards make learning about emotions fun
  • Help listeners work out why they feel as they do- and make small changes that add up
  • No jargon- yet retains the key elements needed for effective change

Why we eat elephants?

Problems children and young people (and adults) face often seem big like elephants. If you were faced with the challenge of how to eat an elephant (or a large pumpkin if you are vegetarian!), how would you do it? One chunk at a time of course. Problems can be tackled exactly like that -by breaking them down into chunks.

Click below to view the flyer for our Resources used in Schools:

Primary Flyer

Case Study: St Andrews and St Brides High School , Glasgow beth

Five Areas has been working with St Andrews and St Brides High Schools in Glasgow for 2 years. The aim is to integrate CBT based self help skills into the curriculum as part of health and wellbeing/resiliency and also as part of 1:1 support, small groups support and online for pupils experiencing life difficulties.

A half day training with 36 staff took place with a mixture of senior teaching staff, support teaching staff, office staff, home partnership working staff and parents from the parent council. Training was exceptionally well received and as such, the schools were committed to engaging with the resources and rolling them out.

Headed up by senior guidance teacher Lyndsay Malley, the resources have been gaining momentum across the two years. Lyndsay has supported other staff with guidance on using online, 1:1 an groups resources and has herself ran a few small targeted classes which have proved successful. A local visiting Educational Psychologist is also co-facilitate classes.

In 2013, Lyndsay also recruited 12 senior pupils within the school (aged 17-18yrs) to be trained in the approach in order to co-facilitate delivery of the LLTTF classes/resources. This too has been successful.

The school agree that the resources fit well with the Scottish national school curriculum for excellence strategy and that the LLTTF resources fit comfortably well within many subject areas, including RMCE (religious moral citizenship education) as well as many others.

Further work is continuing within the school. Please click here to read some outcomes from this project.

If you are working in an organisation that supports younger people and would like more information on how to use the resources in classes or 1:1, contact


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